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The Full Story

Our founder and CEO, Doris Patterson-rodriguez, brings more than 30 years of rN expertise, enriched with invaluable hospice experience, and a deep-seated passion for offering care to those who need it the most. She has a wealth of expertise, compassion, and dedication to 32Heavenly Hands, shaped by her unique journey. The number '32' in our name is a tribute to the year Doris's mother was born, a woman who inspired Doris from a young age to devote her life to caring for others. As a young girl of just 10, Doris lovingly cared for her mother until she was 16, an experience that sparked a passion in her heart for nursing that she has carried forward ever since.

Doris infuses her faith into her work, treating every resident as a unique individual deserving of respect, care, and love. She is personable, compassionate, and deeply committed to her work. Her love for cardinals, inherited from her mother, is reflected in our logo, symbolizing hope, joy, health, rejuvenation, and celebration.

Choose 32Heavenly Hands for the warmth of a home, the care of a family, and the professional expertise of a seasoned healthcare provider. Join us in our mission to provide a nurturing environment where our residents can live in comfort, peace, and happiness.

Doris Patterson-Rodriguez, RN
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Our Care Team

At 32Heavenly Hands, we firmly believe that our team is the backbone of the exceptional care we provide. The home is staffed 24/7 and overseen by experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) who bring a high level of professional knowledge and personal empathy to their roles. 

Doris, with her three-decade-long tenure in nursing, has personally selected each member of our team. Our stringent staffing procedures ensure that every member of our team is not just highly qualified but also shares our values of compassion, dignity, and respect. Many of the nurses on our staff have a longstanding professional relationship with Doris, and she trusts them implicitly to provide the high standard of care that 32Heavenly Hands is renowned for. 

Our care team follows all the same rigorous protocols as a traditional nursing home, with an added touch of personal warmth and attention that can only come from a more intimate setting. We provide comprehensive medical care with a focus on individual needs and preferences to ensure our residents enjoy the best possible quality of life. But our care extends beyond medical needs. We recognize the importance of social engagement for our residents' well-being and provide a vibrant range of activities within our home. From sharing stories and laughter to enjoying the tranquility of our beautiful garden, we foster a nurturing, inclusive community where every resident can feel truly at home.

Our mission is not only to provide care but to enrich the lives of our residents in every possible way. Trust in our team at 32Heavenly Hands, where professional medical care meets personal attention, creating an atmosphere of compassion and dignity for all our residents.



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Our mission at 32Heavenly Hands is to create an environment of love and tranquility where compassionate care serves as our guiding principle. We are passionately committed to fostering a sense of comfort and preserving the quality of life for our residents in their twilight days. With a holistic approach, we offer not just physical care but also emotional and spiritual support to our residents and their families.


Our vision at 32Heavenly Hands is to redefine the standards of elder care by creating a home-like environment where every resident is treated with respect, dignity, and love. We strive to blend professional medical care with personal attention, fostering a close-knit community where residents feel safe, valued, and at home. Inspired by our founder's life-long dedication to nursing and caregiving, we aim to become a beacon of compassionate, high-quality care in the heart of San Antonio, Texas, and beyond.

32 heavenly hands llc nursing home elder senior living facility personal care home san antonio tx
Compassionate Care Starts Here
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